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About us

Barwasim is an Africa group of consulting engineers practising exclusively in the specialist areas of Consultancy management in Port, Telecom sector , Energy and coastal engineering.

BARWASIM offers the full range of consulting engineering services from investigations, planning and feasibility studies to basic and detailed design, tender documents, supervision of construction and post construction monitoring. Barwasim provides a team of civil, coastal, hydraulic, structural and geotechnical engineers with specialist expertise for a wide range of marine structures; mechanical engineers skilled in materials handling; engineers and scientists versed in oceanography, wave conditions, infrastructure processes, physical and mathematical modelling; a Grid study engineers providing skills relevant to Energy & Telecom projects planning studies.


Barwasim aim is to be a leader in the Engineering and design consultancy in the Energy & Telecom industry. Regarding our expertise and long experience within this Industry, we want to bring our expertise to our clients to deliver high value Engineering. Our commitment is to deliver with a high quality standard and follow our clients in a long term approach. Bringing this knowledge from the early stages of our clients’ projects to the delivery of the plant is a target. Our culture is the one of partnership. BARWASIM wants to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in the Energy & Telecom Industry and the Infrastructure market. Our responsibility in relation to the projects and our customers is twofold: as a good citizen corporate, we work hard to minimize our impact on the world; and as a designer and consultant, we seek to influence the decisions of our customers in a positive way by bringing them the most responsible solutions.

Our Services


Barwasim experts in the Energy consulting practice have the extensive industry and operational expertise required to help our clients prosper in energy sector around Africa.


Infrastructures make it easy to conduct development activities in planned way. The activities can be easily extended to other sectors to meet a goal on time. Barwasim engineering will sort your infrastructure projects on time.


Constant growth of the last mile bandwidth and high competition as well as reduction of prices for the final consumers decreases investment potential of telecommunication projects.


With a vast experience of varied change and project management services, developed and refined in the field, we offer clients consultancy services that are second to none.