Barwasim in Energy sector

The energy industry faces considerable challenges as global demand continues to place the world’s scarce natural resources under unrelenting pressure. Companies from across the energy value chain also have to adapt to a raft of new regulations and technologies. Barwasim experts in the Energy consulting practice have the extensive industry and operational expertise required to help our clients prosper in energy sector around Africa.

Energy services offered

  • Geothermal engineering
  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro electric power
  • Biogas
  • Bio-diesel
  • Municipal waste

Geothermal engineering

Barwasim geothermal engineering services provide our clients with cost effective and sustainable energy alternatives compared to existing designs. Our certified geothermal designers have gained knowledge that expands beyond the engineering realm and into the sustainable design industry. We provide consulting for initial concept studies, feasibility studies and technical due diligence of existing projects. We offer geothermal exploration, evaluation of geothermal fields and world leading reservoir modeling consulting, drilling consulting, tendering of drilling services and Company Man during drilling. Barwasim's experience in engineering and know-how in steam-field and power plant design is second to none. We also provide Project Management, operational and refurbishment consulting.

Solar energy

As demand for clean and renewable energy is growing significantly, we work relentlessly to remain squarely on the cutting edge of renewable technology. Costs of traditional energy sources are rising, the recognition of environmental issues is increasing and political support is growing. You need a partner to help guide your organization through these changes to meet new challenges, maximize efficiency and ensure the growth of your renewable energy business.

Barwasim provides support to a range of solar clients, including individual land owners, local community groups, developers, public sector organisations and regulators. Our expertise allows those clients to realise the development of solar energy schemes of all shapes and sizes. We offer design, installation and service of Solar PV, Solar Water Heating (solar thermal) and outdoor solar pool heating systems for residential and commercial applications services.

Wind energy

Barwasim provides independent technical advisory, certification, testing and inspection to the wind energy industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of technical advisory services help stakeholders plan, design, finance, build, invest, operate, maintain, and manage wind energy projects. Our certification, testing and inspection services verify the safety, reliability, performance and compliance of wind turbines and components. We empower trust in wind energy by helping our stakeholders mitigate risk and navigate complexities throughout the project lifecycle and across the value chain.

Hydro electric power

Hydropower can provide important services to electric power systems. Hydropower plants can often be operated flexibly, and therefore are valuable to electric power systems. Specifically, with its rapid response load-following and balancing capabilities, peaking capacity and power quality attributes, hydropower can play an important role in ensuring a reliable electricity service.

Barwasim has a vast experience in the development of hydroelectric power, having participated in the design and/or construction of various hydropower plants and dams.


Biogas is produced from organic waste (carbon) which biodegrades by means of bacteria in an anaerobic environment. This process is expedited at a process temperature of 38°C/100°F (mesophilic) or 52°C/125.6°F (thermophilic) in the plant's digester. The biogas plant receives all kinds of organic waste - typically livestock manure and organic industrial waste. The dry solid in livestock manure contains carbon, among other things, and in the process this carbon is transformed into biogas, a compound of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The manure and waste are mixed in the plant's receiving tank before being heated to 38-52°C/100-125.6°F and pumped into the digester in which the biogas is produced. The biomass stays in the digester for 2-3 weeks and the fermented slurry can subsequently be used as crop fertilizer. This fertilizer has improved qualities such as less odour inconveniences when spreading the slurry and significant reduction of green house gasses.Typically, the biogas is utilized to produce electricity and district heat in the plant's gas engine (CHP unit). The electricity is sent into the power grid and the heat is used by local consumers. Furthermore, biogas can be upgraded to natural gas and injected into the natural gas grid or be used as fuel for transportation.


New and innovative fuel sources are currently being developed in an attempt to find alternative energy sources to replace conventional fossil fuels. The effort is focused on finding a viable fuel source that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and ultimately produce the next major source of energy. Current national energy demands are exponentially increasing as we progress into the digital age and as the population increases.Consequently, the worldwide supply of fossil fuels is diminishing as a result of increased energy demands and it is anticipated that these non-renewable fuel sources will become exhausted by the end of the century. This places a great importance on developing alternative ways of producing fuel. One such method that is currently being refined is using vegetable oil found in agricultural crops as the base for developing biodiesel fuels. Barwasim offers bio-diesel services and where we ensure we meet our customers expectations.

Municipal waste

This is simply the process of generating energy, specifically electricity or heat, by processing waste. It is a type of energy recovery where the energy contained within the waste is released, captured and processed for reuse in another form. A waste-to-energy plant is a facility specifically designed for this type of processing.

Barwasim is committed to sustainability, we are very interested in the possibilities of waste-to-energy, also called trash-to-energy services. Waste incineration facilities can help you get rid of your industrial waste while keeping the energy cycle closed and thereby making your operation as sustainable as possible. If you haven't considered waste-to-energy services for your business, now is a perfect time.